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Please answer the following questions about your Sunflower Implement. There is a comment section at the end should you have an issue not covered by this survey.

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1. How far is your farm or business operation from your dealer?
Under 25 Miles
26-50 Miles
51-100 Miles
Over 100 Miles
2. Did you have a dealer-provided working demonstration of the implement
Had a demo and it was satisfactory
Had a demo and it was not satifactory
I did not require a working demo
Would have liked one, but it was not offered
3. Of the following items, please indicate the THREE which most influenced your decision to buy the SUNFLOWER implement:
previous experience with Sunflower implement
dealer's Parts & Service reliability and experience
implement specification is best suited to your need
rental or demo of product by the dealer
recommendation by friend or trusted person
offer of desirable delivery date or lead time
good price/financing options for the implement
attractive price offered for your trade-in
availability of spare parts
anticipated good re-sale value
overall reputation of the brand

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