8/31/2010 | AGCO Introduces Sunflower® 6630 Vertical Tillage System

New vertical tillage machine efficiently opens cold, damp, early-spring soils; cuts through tough residue to speed soil warm-up and create consistent seedbed

DULUTH, Ga. (August 31, 2010) ― AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), Your Agriculture Company (http://www.AGCOcorp.com/)
 , a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, is pleased to introduce the all-new Sunflower® 6630 (http://www.sunflowermfg.com/)
vertical tillage system. Built to match the needs of today’s high-horsepower, precision-farming practices, the Sunflower 6630 efficiently cuts through tough residue and opens cold, wet soils to the warming action of the sun, allowing planting up to 10 days earlier in the spring so for optimum productivity by taking advantage of a full growing season.

"Vertical tillage is an increasingly popular practice used today to overcome cold, damp soil conditions and the tough structure and sheer volume of today’s crop residues. The process of combining vertical surface tillage and residue control allows producers to get into the field sooner in the spring so they can take advantage of a full growing season," explains Larry Kuster, senior marketing specialist for seed and tillage. "Vertical tillage results in more even soil temperature and consistent soil moisture throughout the vertical soil profile, and creates soil surface that resists wind and water erosion."

"The Sunflower 6630 is designed to establish an ideal field surface by sizing and mixing plant residues with the upper layers of the soil profile. This allows the soil to absorb sunlight and evenly warm the upper two to three inches of soil so crops can begin growing early and achieve their maximum potential," Kuster adds.

Cutting through tough residue
A primary feature of the all-new Sunflower 6630 vertical tillage system is its patent-pending SoilRazor™ VT disc blades, from Ingersoll Tillage Group. The blades’ unique fluted wave pattern design easily cuts through tough residue and efficiently penetrates the soil. The 22-inch blades are set at an 18-degree gang angle to mix residues with just the right amount of soil, providing an ideal crop bed. As these innovative, stay-sharp disc blades wear down, the "V25" groove will “shift” thus allowing the hill of the blade to become the valley and the valley to become the hill. This "shift" enables the blade to maintain its sharp edge and still cut residue long after the competitions’ vertical tillage coulters have become dull.

Gang placement of the 6630 Series helps deliver a consistent, ridge-free field. Front and rear gangs are offset, allowing the front gang to provide an even, clean cut the entire width of the machine while the rear gang feathers and levels the soil, unlike heads-up or end-to-end gang placement, which can leave an uncut ridge of soil and create a ridge/valley effect.

Available in five models ranging from 21 feet wide to 32 feet wide, the 6630 Series has low horsepower requirement yet can be operated at up to 8 miles per hour, 30 percent faster than a conventional disc harrow. As a result, it allows growers to cover more acres with less fuel, helping increase return on investment in both time and dollars.

Designed for long life
"We also built this machine with strength and structural durability in mind – to be a machine our customers can rely on to get the job done efficiently for years to come," explains Kuster. "It features a heavy mainframe along with many maintenance-free components to ensure long life of the machine."

Maintenance-free UHMW plastic bearings eliminate metal-to-metal contact in the machine’s lift system, so no lubrication is required. With no metal-to-metal friction, discs stay in adjustment and provide a level field. Each lift system is mounted to at least two frame members to provide strength and maintain alignment. The heavy-duty gauge wheels with parallel linkage control the leading disc gangs to ensure uniform depth, and the gauge wheel swivel-pivot design prevents bending due to side loads.

The Sunflower 6630 vertical tillage system also is equipped with heavily braced wing frames that withstand horizontal stress and rotational torque during operation. Likewise, a welded tongue provides strength and rigidity, and the single-lip hitch is built to hold up under the most adverse conditions. The 10¼-inch, six-blade spiral finishing reels provide the final field finish, crushing clods and root-balls and firming the seedbed. The reels have adjustable-spring down pressure and feature triple-sealed, greaseable bearings.

Sunflower, known as the "originators of flexible tillage tools," is the seeding and tillage division of AGCO. Sunflower is known around the world as a producer and marketer of top-quality products with exceptional customer support. Quality and service are what today’s professional producers expect from their equipment and what Sunflower continues to provide.

For more information on the Sunflower 6630 vertical tillage system, see your local Sunflower equipment dealer or visit http://www.sunflowermfg.com.
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Sunflower® is a registered trademark of AGCO Corporation. SoilRazor™ is a trademark of Ingersoll Tillage Group, Inc.

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