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Increasing Efficiency of Haying and Forage Operations

Increase your efficiency of haying and forage operations without unhooking conventional wagons or waiting on trucks to return. Pulling a Richardton wagon will reduce the compaction caused by truck traffic in the fields during a wet year.


  • The wagon with the 1 MINUTE DUMP CYCLE*
  • Pull a Sunflower/Richardton dump wagon behind a forage chopper to collect and dump forage and haylage into trucks or other receptacles
  • Hi-tech, non-grease slide system
  • A positive action roof opener
  • Reinforced box design
  • A sleek, self cleaning wagon
  • The hydraulic system with a cable assist is designed to unload large loads of up to 20,000 lbs. quickly and efficiently, even if the load is not distributed evenly
  • Hydraulic lock cylinders lock the box at dumping clearance height for solid, complete and safe dumping
  • The diagonal slide system (Hi-tech, non-grease) allows truck driver close access to the dump wagon and reaches out to put loads in the center of the truck box
  • The best warranty in the business
  • *Dump cycle time depends on hydraulic supply output